Aug 6, 2004
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  This is Jerry Hughes project called "Blue Dart" flying on  a 3" 8-grain Wimpy Red motor. The motor itself is almost 44" long, the large 3" motor hardware is from Woody's Pro X Hardware.

The rocket weighs about 40-50lbs loaded. It was dual deployment via Olsen Advanced Electronics. Recovery was on a Sky Angle Cert 3.   The flight and recovery were perfect.


This is a LOC Precision 7.5" V2 kit flying on a "Wimpy Red" K530 EX motor.

The Overmoe team heads out to the launch pads with the big V2.  This rocket is 11.5 inches in diameter and weighs 105 lbs when fully loaded for flight.


  Here is a picture of Alan Overmoe's V2 flying on an EX "N" motor. 
The conditions were perfect for flying rockets and other various crafts, this RC helicopter made a impressive flight as well   This RC Plane belongs to Andy from What's Up Hobbies.
Another RC plane takes to the air.  This seasoned pilot was putting on quite an aerobatics  show for the spectators.    
Ron Weigel and Jack Blair flew their rocket named  "Bad Wiring" on a cluster of 3 "M" EX motors.  Bad Wiring is:
  • 7.5" diameter
  • 15.5' Tall
  • 90 lbs
  • Powered by 3 x M1600's
  This is a 7.5" diameter rocket that weighs 50 lbs flying on a  Wimpy Red "M" motor.