Aug 7, 2004
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This is John Borget's Extreme Rocketry flying on an L1120

  This is the second time my Rumble Bee has flown on an "M" motor.  This time I used the Animal Motor Works Blue Baboon M1900 off the pad and air started two J420 Redline motors.  One of the  redlines came up to pressure a little slow so the flight had three distinct burns with three distinct breaks in the smoke trail.  The Black Sky AltAcc reported 10,185 feet and 631 MPH.

This is Allen Rollo's 15K or bust contest entry.  He flew the minimum diameter 54mm rocket on a single use Ellis Mountain L330.  Unfortunately, Allen was not able to find the rocket and so we have no idea what altitude it reached.

This is Rich Evans' Der Red Max.  The Max is 7.5” in diameter, 77” long, with a fin span of 39”.  The nose cone is a PML 7.5, reshaped to better match the original, surfaced with nylon, and laminated. The fins are constructed from ½” plywood, fiberglassed and laminated.  Four ½” plywood rings hold the fiberglassed engine casing.
  The Der Red Max is a B I G upscale of the Estes Classic of the same name. This version flies on an Aerotech M1939 motor. It was Rich's Level III certification rocket.


    This is my Polecat Aerospace "Wocket" flying under the power of an Aerotech Redline J315.  The flight worked perfectly, although the 44 inch parachute I used was not quite enough to protect the Wocket from the hard surface of the Salt Flats.  There was only minimal damage which has already been repaired.