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How much FFFFG Black Powder does it take the pressurize a rocket ?

What is the diameter of the parachute section in inches ?

What is the length of the parachute section in inches ?

How many PSI of pressure do you need ?

 This calculator is meant to give you an idea of how much BP to use in your ground tests.  You should always start ground testing with the smallest amount that you feel might work.  Also, note that PML "Piston Ejection Systems" require even less pressure than traditional systems. To calculate how much PSI your rocket requires, see below.


You need Grams of FFFFG Black Powder

10 to 15 PSI is a good range for safe parachute ejection for a 4 inch diameter rocket.
How much PSI will my rocket need ?

 What is the diameter of the parachute section in inches ?
  Use between PSI for a lose fitting parachute
                                              and PSI for a tighter fitting parachute in my calculator above.

For more information about PSI recommendations and to see what my PSI calculations are based read this article at Rocketry online.

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