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Download software that I have written here.

 Rocketry Tool Box V.2

Contains calculators for parachute size, descent rate, black powder charges, drift, and  conversion between some common units of messure.  This file is only 1.5 meg !! This version includes many of the improvements that users have suggested to me over the past year. Please try it out and let me know if you find any bugs.  It is a .zip file, to install just download the file, unzip it by double clicking and then double click the "setup.exe" file to install.  After you install the program, you can run it by clicking "Start" --> "Programs" --> "Rocketry Tools"


Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket is a program written for the Palm Pilot OS.  It was originally written by Jay W. Ward in 1998.  I have updated the files and they are current as of May, 2000.  I have permission from Jay to modify the program and distribute it as Shareware / Freeware.  More information is contained in the readme file that is included with this download.  The Pocket Rocket program is a convenient way to bring a rocketry flight simulation program with you to the launch site.  It will calculate the approximate maximum altitude of a rocket / motor combination.