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Hellfire13-KUTV-Roughin-It-Outdoors - Mpeg video of KUTV Roughin' It Outdoors segment on Hellfire 13 (29.4 MB)

IMG_1448 - Nike Smoke Pre-launch

IMG_1449 - Nike Smoke Pre-launch

IMG_1450 - Nike Smoke Lift off


IMG_1801 - Lancer Pre-launch

IMG_1802 - Lancer Pre-launch

IMG_1813 - Lancer on Pad

IMG_1814 - Lancer Ignition

IMG_1815 - Lancer coming up to pressure

IMG_1816 - Lancer Liftoff (Fireball flying to the right)

IMG_1817 - Lancer Liftoff (Fireball in lower right smoke trail)

IMG_1818 - Lancer smoke trail (Large fire ball in smoke trail)

IMG_1819 - Lancer smoke trail (Small fireball in extreme lower left corner)