L3 Project
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The Rumble Bee will very likely be my Level 3 Certification Rocket so I am recording the construction in great detail.  This part of my web site will therefore also provide some good information on some of the techniques I have found effective in rocket construction.  Click  next  if you want to see some photos of my  project.

The Picture to the left is most of the parts that I have purchased for this project.  The two big airframe tubes came from Eagle Hardware in the cement section, they are the same inner diameter as a PML 7.51 inch airframe and they sell for $3.85 each.  They sell them for making cement pillars. The motor mount tubes came from All-Hobbies as did the 7.51 inch couplers.  The motor tubes are 75mm and 38mm.  The fiberglass and epoxy came from TAP Plastics in Bellevue, I have some 8.6 once cloth and some 1.4 once cloth. The nose cone is borrowed from my LOC Precision Bruiser.   The centering rings and fins were special ordered from  PML and had not arrived yet when this picture was taken.


Update: I Successfully certified NAR Level 3 using the Rumble Bee on May 29, 2004.  I used an Animal Motor Works M1350 White Wolf.  Deployment was controlled by two Blacksky AltAcc2c altimeters.