Monroe May 2004
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 Roger Clements prepping Tom VanEtten's rocket.  It's flying on a CTI J400.  

Tom VanEtten's rocket  flying on a CTI J400.



Paul and Ian Nelson flew the LOC Viper 4 on a cluster of four D12-5 engines. The chute didnít deploy, but the rocket was recovered without damage.






  This is my LOC Precision Bruiser lifting off on a J570.  The Blacksky ALTACC2a reported a maximum altitude of 2096 feet.  Thanks to Jim Nietmann for finding it in the cow pasture.

Eric Albrecht's Aerotech Astrobee-D
lifting off on an AT 29mm F50-4T.  It was the first flight for this rocket.
  This is Jim Nietmann's rocket lifting off under the power of an Aerotech 54mm J415.

This was the first flight of a LOC Legacy, flown by Paul and Ian Nelson on a G64-10. The flight simmed about 2800 feet.   This Bullpuppy belongs to Rob Clement and is flying on a G33.

    Click here to see a series of photos from this ill fated cluster flight.
Timothy Doll's NCR Interceptor G, on an F40-4W reload.   The Honest John belongs to Rob Clement and flew on an I161.

This Estes Maxi V2 on an E18-4W reload belongs to Timothy Doll also.   Another one of Timothy Doll's rockets - This one is a Q-Modeling upscale Starship Vega, also on an E18-4W reload.
This is my Skunk Missile Works "Wocket" finally igniting after the third try.  Apparently I did not use enough ejection charge because the chute did not get deployed.  The Wocket will live to fly another day, actually there was practically no damage at all.