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Road Runner Single Use Rocket Motor Clearance Sale

Between launching my own rockets, taking pictures and now with my new duties as L3CC member, I no longer plan to spend much time selling Road Runner motors at the launches.  I have a bunch of single use motors still that I need to get rid of.  I have decided to sell them at a deep discount to move them quickly.  On the right side of this page are the retail price for each motor listed on the Road Runner website along with my clearance prices.  If you are interested in buying some motors please email me at to place an order.  I can deliver the motors to you at the next UROC meeting, or the March launch or we can arrange to meet in town somewhere.  You can pay for the motors through Paypal or when you pick them up.  I have a limited amount of inventory left and I do not plan to order more motors from the manufacturer.  I will update this page as motors are sold.  Currently I have the following motors:

Motor           Delay                   Quantity

G80            10                           0 SOLD OUT
G80             4                            0
F60            10                            0
F60             7                             0
F60             4                             0
F45            8                              0

Retail Price
G80  -   $20.95 + tax
F60  -  $ 18.95 + tax
F45  -   $14.95 + tax

Clearance Price
G80  -  $15 including tax
F60  -  $13 including tax
F45  -  $10 including tax

Quantity Discount for 3 or more motors
take another 10% off your order.


For more information about the motors including thrust curves motor lengths and weights go to :