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The first thing I like to do is get the fiberglass on the airframe.  Because I live in an apartment with no shop or garage, I do most of my work in the kitchen.  The first step in fiber glassing a tube is to cut the fiber glass cloth down to the approximate length that you will need.  Do this by rolling the cloth around the tube and marking the cloth, allow for some overlap of the cloth.  Once you have the cloth cut, I like to suspend the airframe tube horizontally.  Ideally you could run a 2 x 2 or a heavy dowel through your airframe and  hang it  across two saw horses.  I have to settle for a piece of speaker wire tied to the backs of two chairs.  I prefer using speaker wire over cord or rope because the epoxy resign does not soak into it and therefore it is easy to untie and reuse.  Once your air frame is suspended horizontally, mix up enough epoxy to coat the entire surface.  The resign that I used on this project was a 1 to 1 mix and I used 3 ounces of each part (6 ounces of mixed epoxy).  Then spread the epoxy over the entire surface of the tube.  The photo above shows the tube just before completing this step.  I use the cheapest paint brushes I can find to spread the epoxy.  You can get a 1 1/2 inch wide brush for around $.50.  You can try to clean them with acetone in between uses, but I just throw them out and use a new one each time.